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Presenter: Patrick Hubbard, PG, CEG and 4 more

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Recording Location: Oakland, CA

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Registration:                        8:00 - 8:30 am

Morning Session:                8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Lunch (On your own):         12:00 - 1:00 pm

Afternoon Session:             1:00 - 4:30 pm

The Physical Waterscape - Management and Planning
P. Hubbard

   Surface water resources
   Groundwater resources
   Flood and water supply management
   Regulators and stakeholders
   Technical developments and challenges
   Effects of climate change on management strategies

Surface Water Rights: Quantity and Usage
S. Nastich

   Obtaining water rights in California – Permitting and reporting
   Statutory and regulatory limits on the exercise of water rights
   Interstate water compacts
   Water transfers
   The effects of drought and climate change
   Public trust

Groundwater Rights: Management, Regulation, and Exercise
R. Smith

   California law of groundwater rights
   Key concepts in groundwater law
   Intervention, management, and the role of “undesirable results”
   Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
   Recent developments

Complying with Water Quality Laws and Regulations
W. Manley

   State and federal water quality regulations
   Industrial wastewater regulation
   Stormwater permitting and enforcement
   Special topics - agricultural runoff, public water supplies
   Waters of the U.S.

Meeting Water Needs of Business and Industry
S. Warner

   Water supply
   Long term water reliability for industry, manufacturing, energy production
   Transactional challenges
   Potential risks to groundwater and surface water
   Water quality Issues
   Developing regulatory policies
   Water use in renewable energy production
   Pending litigation

Ethical Considerations in Water Law and Resource Development
S. Nastich, S Warner

   Are there human rights to water?
   Determining ethical uses of water and how to use water ethically
   Water theft and water trespass ethics problems
   Ethics considerations for technical professionals in water development projects


Patrick Hubbard, PG, CEG

Aqueous Pathfinding, Inc, Oakland

Mr. Hubbard is a principal with Aqueous Pathfinding, Inc. and a consulting principal to Langan. He has 30years of professional experience performing and managing environmental projects, particularly related towater supply and water supply wells. Mr. Hubbard has worked closely with regulatory agencies and attorneys,evaluated well operations and contaminant impacts, calculated contaminant transport and fate to watersupply wells and streams, evaluated potential impacts relative to water supply reservoirs, and directed aquiferanalysis and field testing. He also provides expert witness testimony and litigation support. Clients includewater districts; local governments; law firms; and the semiconductor, steel, petrochemical, and transportationindustries.

Wendy L. Manley

Wendy L. Manley, Esq., is a partner at Wendel Rosen Black & Dean LLP in Oakland.  For 20 years, Ms. Manley’s practice has focused on environmental permitting, compliance counseling, and litigation for both public and private parties, with particular emphasis on stormwater regulation, permitting, compliance and enforcement under the federal Clean Water Act and related state legislation.  Ms. Manley has provided clients with legal counsel in a variety of contexts, including storm water program development, implementation and auditing; ordinance drafting; tenant leasing and compliance; group monitoring of industrial storm water management; and agency negotiations.

Summer L. Nastich

Summer L. Nastich is a litigator, counselor, scientist, engineer, and arbitrator specializing in environmental, construction, and land use law, including any necessary litigation.  Ms. Nastich has a life-long passion for learning and problem solving. She received three undergraduate degrees (Oceanography, Biology, and Zoology), then a J.D. degree, cum laude, and then a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering.  Her thirst for gaining and applying knowledge led her to an exciting law practice that incorporates all of her book learning, the knowledge she gained working as an environmental consultant, and the knowledge and experience she’s assimilated over more than a decade of practicing law.  Ms. Nastich’s interactions with technicians, experts, courts, clients, and adversaries are seamless, as she speaks all of their languages.  Her education and experience also allow her to quickly synthesize technical issues and analyze data and information to unearth solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

Rebecca R.A. Smith

Rebecca R.A. Smith is an attorney with Downey Brand LLP, specializing in water rights and groundwater law. Ms. Smith’s practice focuses on administrative procedure and public agency practice, and she advises clients on water rights, water supply, land use and development and environmental compliance under state and federal law. Since its 2014 enactment, she has also worked closely with public agencies, water managers and other stakeholders to understand and comply with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). In that role, she counsels clients on Groundwater Sustainability Agency formation and governance issues, requests for basin boundary modifications, and the preparation and evaluation of groundwater sustainability plans and alternatives, as well as funding options for those activities under SGMA. Ms. Smith is well-versed in administrative procedure, and counsels clients through the permitting and appeals processes at the State Water Resources Control Board, through local agency appeals, and before federal agencies including the Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Reclamation.

Scott D. Warner

Ramboll Environ, Emeryville

Mr. Warner, a principal with Ramboll Environ, has 30 years of consulting experience in hydrogeology and water resources development, design/assessment of groundwater remediation strategies, and natural resources planning. He has provided litigation support and expert witness services for cases involving hydro-geochemistry, groundwater remediation and remediation cost recovery, and he has completed projects in North and South America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Mr. Warner has authored or co-authored more than 50 publications on water resources, climate impacts, groundwater remediation, hydraulics and geochemistry for both peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He has provided course instruction on groundwater resources and remediation to university and regulatory audiences, and was a co-editor of an Oxford University Press book on environmental site characterization and remediation. Mr. Warner earned an MS degree in Geology from Indiana University, and a BS degree in Engineering Geology from UCLA and is involved with advanced research at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is a registered professional geologist, certified hydrogeologist and certified engineering geologist in California.