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Presenter: Michael Perlow Jr. P.E.

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Recording Location: Wallingford, CT

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Registration:                        8:00 - 8:30 am

Morning Session:                8:30 - 11:45 am

Lunch (On your own):         11:45 am - 12:45 pm

Afternoon Session:             12:45 - 4:30 pm

Structure Loads, Soils, Groundwater and Drainage

   Structural foundation, slab, basement, retaining wall loading
   Extreme weather, man’s activities, geohazard impacts
   Soil mechanics and structures
      • Soil properties
      • Groundwater and site drainage
      • Underground utilities and roof drains
      • Foundation bearing capacity and settlement
      • Soil loads on basement and retaining walls

Foundation Design and Construction

   Design-construction shallow, deep and intermediate foundations
   Continuous wall footings, column footings types
   Overview of basement walls types, construction, and design
   Overview of retaining wall types, construction, and design
   Foundation underpinning using micropiles, helical piles

Evaluation of Foundation - Slab Damage and Repair Alternatives

   Inspection, monitoring, and damage assessment
      • Settlement 
      • Frost heave
      • Expansive soils 
      • Shrinkage
      • Subsurface erosion 
      • Sinkhole subsidence
      • Mine subsidence 
      • Pumping-dewatering
      • Cracking 
      • Utility failures
   Repair methods and example case histories
      • Piers, piles 
      • Soil tiebacks
      • Underpinning 
      • Ground improvement

Evaluation of Wall Damage and Repair Alternatives

   Inspection, monitoring, and damage assessment
      • Settlement 
      • Frost loading
      • Expansive soils 
      • Shrinkage
      • Poor drainage 
      • Utility failures
      • Failure of connections to supporting diaphragms
   Repair methods and example case histories
      • Piers, piles 
      • Soil tiebacks
      • Carbon fibers 
      • Soldier beams
      • Crack repair 
      • Secant-tangent walls
      • Underpinning 
      • Reconstruction


Michael Perlow Jr. P.E.

Michael Perlow Jr., P.E. is a retired civil & geotechnical engineer with more than 45 years of experience in engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and failure investigations. He is a registered professional engineer and a graduate of Lehigh University with BSCE and MSCE degrees. He is also the author of some 35 technical publications and has presented at numerous conferences, seminars, and meetings.

Mr. Perlow retired from full-time consulting in January 2016 and continues to work part-time in retirement. He provides continuing education seminars and webinars on Foundation damage assessment and repair and is completing a three year applied research effort on drilled foundation limit state pile capacity verification along with a book on geo-environmental hazard risk management.

Mr. Perlow has extensive foundation failure assessment-repair experience associated with major sinkhole stabilization projects, utility main breaks and geo-environmental hazard triggered failures. He has directed geologic, geophysical, groundwater quality, and geotechnical investigations for major projects including the $100 million AT&T Solid State Technology Center, Interstate 78 through the Schantz Spring Aquifer in Lehigh County in Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley Regional Postal Facility as well as the Vera Cruz Road and Macungie sinkhole collapses. He also has extensive marine geotechnical experience with coastal, offshore and university research projects.