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Presenter: Dennis Bott and 2 more

Seminar Date:

Seminar Location: Columbia, SC

Columbia Marriott
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-771-7000

This seminar is closed or full.


Registration:                        8:00 - 8:30 am

Morning Session:                8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Lunch (On your own):         12:00 - 1:00 pm

Afternoon Session:             1:00 - 5:00 pm

Section 1 - Engineered Wood Products: 
Introduction and Specification (EWP 005/006)

   Develop an understanding of engineered lumber terminology
   Review proper installation methods when using engineered lumber products
   Gain a better understanding of how to properly inspect the framing
      for manufacture compliance
   Use manufacture literature to properly specify engineered lumber floor systems

Section 2 - Engineered Wood Products: 
Specification and Inspection (EWP 006/007)

   Utilize both code details and manufacture details to provide clear direction
      for plan review and proper construction
   Identify what quantifies poor specification but more importantly identify 
      what constitutes proper specification
   Learn the recommendations of a manufacturer for proper installation and 
      inspection of engineered lumber floor systems
   Use manufacturer-provided literature to find proper details to be used in 
      the inspection of and installation of engineered lumber floor systems
   Identify bad installation through inspection and learn how to remedy issues
   Jobsite photos – Good, bad and ugly

Section 3 - Engineered Wood Products: 
Load Development (EWP 008)

   Learn how to size I-Joists
   Learn how to size and select structural beams
   Acquire skills needed to apply various framing details and connections used
      in the engineered lumber products industry

Section 4 – Fire Resistive and Fire Rated Assemblies 
with Wood (EWP 004)

   Learn the difference between fire-resistive and fire-rated assemblies;
      addressing and detailing for fire as it relates to building systems
   Learn the facts about engineered wood products and their fire performance
   Exception methods to comply with Section R501.3 of the 2012 IRC. e.; enable
      a better understanding to apply the appropriate methods and materials discussed
   Fire-rated assemblies with engineered wood products; design to meet this section
      of the building code

Section 5 – Introduction to Multi-Family Construction 
using EWP (EWP 009)

   Develop an understanding of the types of construction classifications
      and load types
   Understand the common building configuration types
   Learn some of the typical construction details regarding this type of construction
   Look into the tools available from most manufacturers when designing multi-family structures

Wrap Up and Review

Credit Information:

Who Should Attend

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Contractors

Professional Engineers
     7.0 PDHs

     7.0 HSW CEHs
     7.0 AIA HSW Learning Units

     Non-Credit Continuing Ed.

Continuing Education Credit Information

 This seminar is open to the public. It offers 7.0 PDHs to professional engineers and 7.0 HSW continuing education hours to architects in all states. Educators and courses are not subject to preapproval in South Carolina.

HalfMoon Education is an approved continuing education sponsor for engineers in Florida, Indiana (License No. CE21700059), Maryland, New Jersey (Approval No. 24GP00000700), New York (NYSED Sponsor No. 35), North Carolina, and North Dakota. HalfMoon Education is deemed an approved continuing education sponsor for New York architects.

The American Institute of Architects has approved this seminar for 7.0 HSW Learning Units (Sponsor No. J885). Only full attendance can be reported to the AIA/CES.

This course offers a non-credit continuing education opportunity to contractors.

Attendance will be monitored, and attendance certificates will be available after the seminar for most individuals who complete the entire event. Attendance certificates not available at the seminar will be mailed to participants within fifteen business days.


Dennis Bott

Boise Cascade Wood Products

Mr. Bott has been working within the engineered wood industry for over 25 years holding many positions including design manager to manufacturing technical sales. He is currently the business development & project manager responsible for educating and driving specification for Boise Cascade engineered wood products within the Multifamily Light Commercial segment. In addition to these responsibilities, he also manages the AIA educational program for Boise Cascade.

Nathan Paul

Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products

Mr. Paul has more than 20 years’ experience educating and consulting with performance based designers and specifiers across North America. In his current role with Boise Cascade, he is responsible for the specification of engineered wood products within the multifamily and light commercial markets. Mr. Paul regularly gives presentations as an effective means of educating the design community.

Jeff Ruebusch

Boise Cascade Engineered Wood Products

Mr. Ruebusch has been working within the building products and engineered lumber industry for over 30 years. He has attained a vast amount of experience through positions ranging from engineered wood products designer to manufacturing technical sales. Mr. Ruebusch is currently the senior area manager for the Carolinas.

Tuition Costs:

Standard Tuition: $289.00
Online Tuition (pre-registration): $289.00
Group Prices
3 or more People: $269.00

Each registration includes one copy of a manual prepared by the seminar speakers.