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Presenter: Christine L. Derr and 1 more

Seminar Date:

Seminar Location: Online

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Webinar Instructions will be emailed before the date of the webinar.

Log into Webinar:                8:00 - 8:30 am

Morning Session:                8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Break:                                 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Afternoon Session:             1:30 - 4:30 pm

Assisting with Family Law Case Intake 
S. Kay

   Assisting with initial client interview   
   Preparing engagement letter, opening file
   Collecting information
   Assisting with preparation of pleadings
   Preparing for temporary orders hearing

Ethics in Family Law: The Secretive or Dishonest Client 
S. Kay

   Attorney duty of zealous representation  
   Attorney duty of candor toward the court

Obtaining and Evaluating Financial Information 
C. Derr

   Identifying relevant information on assets, debts, income and expenses
   Obtaining financial information
   Evaluating the information you have obtained
   Working with accountants and financial experts
   Preparing financial statements

Ethics in Family Law: Allegations of Domestic Abuse 
S. Kay

   Domestic violence and divorce
   Duties of attorney representing accuser
   Duties of attorney representing accused

Assisting with Child Custody and Visitation Issues 
S. Kay

   Current status of custody law in Florida
   Obtaining relevant information
   Working with guardian-ad-litem
   Working with experts
   Drafting and reviewing parenting plans

Ethics in Family Law:  
Conflicts of Interest and Client Confidentiality 
S. Kay

   Preventing conflicts of interest
   Protecting client confidentiality

Credit Information:

Who Should Attend

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  • Paralegals/Legal Assistants

Florida Registered Paralegals
     7.0 CLE Hours (3.0 Ethics)

NALA Certified Paralegals
     7.0 CLE Credits (3.0 Ethics)

NFPA Certified Paralegals
     7.0 CLE Credits (3.0 Ethics)

Continuing Education Credit Information

This seminar is open to the public and offers 7.0 CLE hours, including 3.0 ethics hour, to paralegals. Certification is not required to attend this event.

The National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) has approved this course for 7.0 CLE hours, including 3.0 ethics hours, for certified paralegals. The NALA approval qualifies this course for Florida Registered Paralegals.

The National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA) Has approved this course for 7.0 CLE hours, including 3.0 ethics hours, for certified paralegals. The NFPA approval qualifies this course for Florida Registered Paralegals.

Attendance will be monitored, and attendance certificates will be available after the seminar for most individuals who complete the entire event. Attendance certificates not available at the seminar will be mailed to participants within fifteen business days.


Christine L. Derr

Harris Hunt & Derr, P.A.

Ms. Derr is a board certified expert in marital and family law in Tampa. While she is known as a skilled litigator, Ms. Derr is equally adept at fashioning creative, mutually beneficial resolutions in mediation and through her collaborative divorce practice. While she is proud of her success in the courtroom, her experience has taught her that the most advantageous way to resolve a case is usually at the negotiation table. Ms. Derr believes that the collaborative process is suited for cases where the parties seek a confidential, less contentious solution. Regardless of whether a case is collaborative or contested, Ms. Derr puts in the same effort to analyze each case, get the right answers, and allow clients to make informed decisions. She believes that clients are in the best position to make decisions about their families and finances, and an attorney’s role is to use her training, analysis, and experience to help navigate those decisions.

Sarah Kay

Kay Family Law PLLC

Ms. Kay is a trial-tested litigator who is board certified in marital and family law by The Florida Bar, and who also is experienced in collaborative divorce. She is a certified family law mediator by The Florida Supreme Court and serves as a guardian ad litem. Ms. Kay is passionate about supporting her community by helping families resolve, reduce and perhaps even prevent family conflicts in positive, effective, efficient, and dignified ways. Because Ms. Kay is experienced in both private dispute resolution and litigation, her family law and special needs law clients can choose from options that are the most beneficial to their cases. She is also mother to three children, two of whom have unique needs and gifts. For her, it’s all about family. She offers a professional commitment to understand and embrace each family’s exceptional qualities. Ms. Kay proudly serves the greater Tampa Bay area through her law firm Kay Family Law PLLC in Tampa.

Tuition Costs:

Standard Tuition: $299.00
Online Tuition (pre-registration): $299.00
Group Prices
3 or more people each: $279.00

Each registration includes one copy of a manual prepared by the seminar speakers.